Behind the Scenes

Stellantis - Behind the Scenes


Stellantis is a project I’ve been working on for a long time, not that it was the most complicated project but because I wanted to make sure to get all the details right. I had this idea about someone stealing stars from the night sky and I thought it would be nice if it’s done with the help of an everyday object that we all can relate to. I thought that a giant tweezer could be an interesting object and I went on a search to try to find one. It was easier said than done and as I realized they don’t make them particulary big I decided that the best way to make it come to life would be to build one. The model in the image, Stella, helped me bring it to life as she also works as a production designer on films and we found a blacksmith in Prague that could help us. We ended up with a 150 cm solid aluminium piece, fully functional. This object is currently on display as part of the exhibition in Seoul Art Center until September 2019.

Look through the images and video below to see how it was created.

Daybreaker - Behind the Scenes


Here you can see the process behind my latest project “Daybreaker”. Photographed in the early fall of 2018 out in a field with model and props. I wanted to capture the light hitting the model in a realistic way so I used one flash as the sun (Profoto Pro7b 1200ws with Telezoom Reflector, ¼ CTO) and another light as the moon hitting the model and prop from behind with a colder light (Profoto B1X with a white umbrella, ½ CTB). I used a large black fabric to flag “the sun“ so it would only hit the legs of the model and parts of the lever. Photographed with a Hasselblad H6D-50c @ 50mm, 1/60s, f8, iso200. The cat and various parts of the background was photographed seperatly and added into the scene in post.

Below you can see the Behind the Scenes video showing the process behind creating the project from sketch and planning to shooting and post production. Photographed in Holmestad, Sweden, August 2018.

Music: “yglo - saturday” on klangwelt records, a side project by Ryan Davis, listen more of his music under:

Falling Asleep - Behind the Scenes

I've always found that moment right before falling asleep fascinating. When you let go of your thoughts and fall into the land of dreams. For a long time I wanted to create an image about this, and last year I got the opportunity that was the perfect start. Scroll down if you want to jump right to the behind the scenes video.

Falling Asleep, 2018

The Girl

The idea for this project was to have a person in a room floating weightlessly, capturing that moment of falling to sleep. I figured that the best way to make the fabric of the clothes and the hair of the model to appear weightless would be to shoot it underwater.

Last year I got invited to United Arab Emirates to the XPOSURE festival (November 2017) to exhibit and speak about my work. Apart from that they had also built a huge water tank for the festival, where underwater shootings and workshops would take place. They asked me if I wanted to shoot something as well and I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to start working on this project.

Having no previous experience of under water shootings, I decided that the best way to be in control of the shoot would be to shoot from outside the tank. By pressing the lens orthogonality towards the glass underneath a black cloth, I would minimize distortions and unwanted reflections, to get as clear view of the model as possible. In terms of lighting I had a large softbox as the main light source from above and a smaller warmer light from the left shot through the glass. The water was clear and by compensating the white balance I could make it look as if the model appeared to hover weightlessly in the tank. The very talented underwater model Krysia Makiela did a fantastic job sleep-floating for me during this session.

The Room

After shooting the model I had a good starting point for the rest of the image. I knew that I wanted a lot of things happening in the room so I started looking for different props I could use. I photographed a room with a cold flash outside the window and a smaller warm flash disguised as a bed side lamp to the left. I then started shooting the different objects in various positions, some of them supported by fishing thread and some by simply holding them up. I combined all the pieces of the puzzle in Photoshop together with the model. Being consistent with light and perspective made this process quite straight forward but I deliberately let it take time to make sure I would be happy with the end result. See the process of how it was created in the video below:


I would like to thank Simon Newton and the Xposure festival for giving me the opportunity to shoot in the tank and I would like to thank the underwater model Krysia Makiela for helping me putting this idea to life.

All Above the Sky - Behind the Scenes

All Above the Sky is a project that I wanted to realize for a long time but it was not until the summer of 2017 that I decided to start working on it. I finally found the location I was looking for by the lake "Vänern" in Sweden, more exactly here: "58°40'05.5"N 13°29'31.6"E". It was a calm late summer evening as the rain was sweeping by in the horizon. I used a Profoto 7b 1200ws with a magnum Reflector to light the rocks from the left and then later shot the model in the same light in the water. Shot and filmed on Hasselblad H6D-50c with the 50mm II. See the process in the video below:

Full Moon Service - Behind the Scenes

This is a photo I've been working on from now and then for the past 8 months. Shot in late summer of 2016 a beautiful calm evening in the middle of Sweden. I brought out 7 rice lamps, 7 light bulbs, an electric generator, a car and two models out in a field. The main part that has been retouched in this photo is to replace the rice ball with a moon texture, the light and the mood was very close to what you see in the photo. Below you can see a behind the scenes video of how it was made.

Cumulus & Thunder - Behind the Scenes

Cumulus & Thunder, 2016

Cumulus & Thunder, 2016

New short behind the scenes video of my latest project "Cumulus & Thunder". I always thought that clouds and sheep look somewhat similar and I had this idea in mind for the past years. I finally shot it a sunny afternoon in Sweden with a ramp, fake clouds the sheep shot the day after. Made with home built tools and shot in mainly natural light. See the video here below:

Impact - Behind the Scenes

Impact, 2016

Impact, 2016

I was thinking about this idea for quite a while. I thought it would be interesting and challenging to create a lake cracking up like a mirror. I knew that I had to get real mirrors to create the effect of the lake cracking up as realistic as possible. In early 2015 I found an old Gym that were selling off their old mirrors. I decided it was time to get this idea started, bought four 220x160 cm mirrors and had them cut into differently shaped triangles at a glazier (a professional glas cutter). I brought out the mirrors, a boat and the model to a stone-pit last summer (2015). See how it was made below: (Click here for more behind the scenes videos)

Soundscapes - Behind the Scenes

I had this idea about creating a landscape from a sound wave, over time I developed this idea. The surroundings were shot on Iceland and the landscape coming out from the gramophone in the Swedish countryside. My sister found an old gramophone player in a vintage store a few years ago and I thought it would fit this idea perfectly. Eric and Kristian Alnemar were my models for this one.

Soundscapes, 2015

Soundscapes, 2015

Even though it was a pretty straight forward process of putting it together I thought it could be fun to put together a very short Behind-the-Scenes video to show how it was made. See how it was made below: (Click here for more behind the scenes videos)