Human Made Stories

I was recently featured in a video series by Volvo. Human Made Stories is a series of short films portraying people that inspires. People who do things differently and go their own way. In the beginning of summer (2016) a film team followed me around for three days as I created my latest personal project "Wake Up!" and you can see the result of that film in the clip below.

Note: Even though most of the content in the film is true I don't actually own a Volvo.

This is the final image, shot in three rounds in the summer of 2016. Trees were chopped down and placed in a lake at 4AM when the water was calm. The model was shot in a swimming pool in similar soft natural light and finally the trees under the water surface was shot from a cherry picker right above the tree level. All material shot on a Hasselblad H6D-50c and material combined using Photoshop. There are no CGI or illustrated elements in the final Photograph.

100% Zoom of the details, click for larger view.