2018 >> 2019

Another year has passed and I managed to publish a total of 7 new personal projects and two behind the scenes videos in 2018. There were a few projects that I did manage to photograph the material for but didn’t manage to finish before the end of the year. That, in combination with lot of new ideas, will most likely make 2019 my most productive year yet with plans to publish over 10 projects.

Behind the Scenes videos

Last year I also published 2 behind the scenes video but this year I will try to double that. Video editing is still a very playful area of creativity to me but so far I’ve only been filming them mostly using smart phones and GoPros. A few months ago I bought a Panasonoic GH5 which is especially good for filming while still being small and easy to use, I hope this will show more in my upcoming videos where I hope to make my videos better produced. I like behind the sceens videos because I love to share the process of how I create my images, I don’t think the process should necessarily be secret, the imagination is what should be the limit, not the tools. See my behind the scenes videos here.

Upcoming Projects

I’ve been sketching on a bunch of new ideas for the past months and I think my feel for light and colour has developed over the past years, it has become a natural part of my work use of artificial light in the form of compact and powerful flashes and light modifiers on location to create the mood I’m seeking. I do however think that the light has to have a purpose in the image, if there is light, it should come from something that makes sense. I recently got a pair of Profoto B10s which I’m excited to try out for the upcoming projects this year and I have plans to build more props for the image as well.


At the moment I have two new confirmed exhibitions coming up in 2019, one in Minneapolis, USA and another in Seoul, South Korea. But I’m currently in discussion regarding two more exhibitions and one in St. Petersburg in 2020 if your calendar extends that far. See current and upcoming exhibitions here.

Charity Prints ( Barncancerfonden )

In 2016 I started selling limited edition prints. In addition to the limited- and open edition prints I've also been selling a charity print to bring in money to the The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. I donate 50% of the sale price directly to the fund. In 2018 we sold 20 charity prints bringing in a total of 1 467 USD ( 1 287 Euro or 13 148 SEK ) to the fund. Thank you so much for your support! Link to the print here: Endless Stories

Thank you!

Finally I just want to thank you for following me on this journey of creativity! Thank you for your support and I hope you will follow me into 2019 and beyond!