Exhibition - Minneapolis, USA

On the 26th of January the doors opened to my first exhibition in USA at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are 25 large photographs on display throughout the mansion to be explored. We had a fantastic opening on the 25th of January and the exhibition will be open all the way to the 28th of April 2019. If you’re in Minneapolis or close by make sure to check it out. I put together a video below that gives you a brief summary of the exhibition.

Exhibition: Bending Reality

On the 16th of June the doors opened to my biggest exhibition so far in Helsingborg, Sweden at Dunkers Kulturhus. The exhibition contains 40 artworks including 3 new previously unpublished photos and includes work from 2008 until 2017. The artworks are presented as large prints with lots of details and is open all the way to the 8th of October 2017. Here you can see photos from the exhibition and the opening night where Thomas Öberg (bob hund) was preforming as well. Below is a short video giving you a peek into the exhibition, I hope you have the opportunity to see it for yourself this summer!

Upcoming Exhibition: Dunkers Kulturhus, Sweden

Here I am preparing one of the new unpublished artworks for the exhibition.

Here I am preparing one of the new unpublished artworks for the exhibition.

Bending Reality: 17th June - 8th October 2017

On the 17th of June 2017 the doors will officially open to my biggest exhibition so far at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. The exhibition will include 40 artworks produced over the past nine years including three new previously unpublished photographs that I have been working on for the past months. If you enjoy the photos here on my website I'm sure you will love them as huge prints full of details. That is the only time that you can really appreciate the immense amount of work I put into all small parts of an image and it explains why it takes me several months to finish just one single artwork. Helsingborg is located in the south of Sweden and is easily accessible by train from Copenhagen Airport. ( Address: Kungsgatan 11, 252 21 Helsingborg, Sweden ).

Dunkers Kulturhus. Photo: Ole Jais, Wikipedia

Dunkers Kulturhus. Photo: Ole Jais, Wikipedia



The exhibition will be open from the 17th of June until 8th of October 2017 but there will be an open vernissage on the 16th of June from 6 - 8 PM. If you'd like to meet me in person I will be there on the 16th and in the day of the 17th of June. There is some additional information on Dunkers website. I hope you get a chance to see it!

Official facebook event: Exhibition - Erik Johansson

Exhibition - Imagine: Created Reality

On the 26th of February the doors opened to my first big exhibition at Fotografiska Museum of Photography in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition will run until the 10th of April. The exhibition also includes three new unreleased photos. For more information about the exhibition check out Fotografiska's website. Hope you can make it, it's a rare opportunity! If you Live in Stockholm or around it's mandatory!